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… yet, at the heart of this glamour is a young girl who dreamed of carrying the pride of her continent, Africa, on her shoulders and thus feels truly blessed to be here today. Albeit the tight schedule of an IT Engineer and professional Presenter, Miranda still finds time to advocate for and support numerous humanitarian endeavors towards education and health to the needy in her home country. She has just completed a water supply project for a community of about 600. Mira has a particular tenderness for children and in 2014, under the high patronage of the Ambassador of Cameroon to Germany, initiated the highly acclaimed children’s conference for teenage kids: “Our Kids and Their Future”. In line with her vision and love for progress, Miranda OBEN in 2016 founded a one stop shop platform which builds a sustainable bridge between the Diaspora and the African nations called The Returnees Project Inc.
With teams globally represented, The Returnees project has gained enormous recognition and endorsements within the Diaspora, in Cameroon and across other African countries.

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Multilingual Moderator ~ Miranda OBEN – Showreel

Miranda OBEN in a chat with His Excellency Jean-Marc Mpay, Berlin

Moderator@ Africa Business Forum Cologne: AFRICA’s POTENTIALS!