• "Your past prepares you for your future!”

About MIRA

Mira’s inspirational journey starting in her home country and unfolding in Germany would leave you spellbound! ..Listen to Miranda OBEN and you’ll hear a young lady who hasn’t forgotten the people who have always been with her … In her charming voice and with such radiant eyes, she has a very embracing nature that gets her moving onwards and upwards from event to event. This authentic nature, warmheartedness and multi-cutural spirit portray on the outside and give her an amazing presence on camera … 

– His Excellency Philip S. Marmor, –  “Miranda Oben has an unwavering focus in what she does. When my Embassy chose her as Presenter at the Diplomatic reception for the 50th Anniversary of the union between Tanganyika and Zanzibar on 26th April, in Berlin, Germany, we beamed with pride as she took the stage gracefully luring the audience in Swahili, German and English! She has a sense of responsibility towards others and easily draws people in; this in my opinion connects her in an indescribably endearing way to her audiences. I personally believe Miranda is called to use her voice to reach out.”

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